The Porta Baresana B&B distinguishes itself from others by its extraordinary breakfast.

The Porta Baresana Gate, which is the main of four arch entrances into the old town and dates back to the Rinascense era and facing the old port of Bitonto in Santo Spirito, leads onto the street where our B&B is located.

The great Angione Tower sits next to the B&B. Recently restored to its former state- unearthing the surrounding moat and restoring its original features- it features a characteristic wooden bridge that spans the moat.

Such a wonderful site can be viewed by the B&B’s guests who are able to enjoy the view from their suite balconies.

In the opposite direction, San Gaetano’s church, in Baroccan style and recently restored to its former state as well, can be seen next to Palazzo Sylos Calò which features a characteristic Loggiato which is made up of eight arches and four coves. Since 2009, the palazzo has been the seat of the Apulian National Gallery “Girolamo e Rosaria Devanna” which takes its name after its two benefactors who donated part of their artistic collection to the Italian state on condition that the collection was put on display to the public in Bitonto.

Strolling past the palazzo and along the old town’s Mercanti street, which takes its name from once being the main street where commerce and noble family dwellings of the late medieval were centered, the road leads to the Piazza Cattedrale where the Cathedral’s facade in Apulian Romanesque style can be enjoyed in the spectacular and suggestive fascination of historical surroundings, which are alive as cultural, social and religious centres once again.

Not far away, situated on the eastern outskirts of the old town, lies the eighteenth century “Tommaso Traetta” town hall theatre which was the first of its kind in Apulia. Its wealthy seasons have given importance to the town in hosting noted theatre companies.


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